Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The How of Hope

The How of Hope

I'm so lucky to work with the incredible Gallup team, including the ever-inspiring Dr. Shane Lopez.  Shane is a Senior Scientist and Research Director for Gallup.  If you aren't familiar with Gallup strengths, GET IN TOUCH WITH ME because believe me, it is life-changing. (Remembering this day still has me smiling

Shane's research and life work is dedicated to discovering the science behind hope and well-being.  His book will soon be released, and I am patiently awaiting for my pre-ordered copy to arrive.  Order yours!

“Shane Lopez, the world’s preeminent expert on hope, shares his expertise and wisdom on what hope is, how to create more of it in your life, and how to teach it to others, with the aim of meeting your goals, leading a happier, more flourishing life, and making the world a better place.” (Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness )

I love the word hope, I sincerely know its power.  I see the effect of that hopeful awareness in my own life, and in others.  You know when people are hopeful.  You know when students have a sense of excitement about their future.  And it's something we can build on.  Quite simply really!  I wanted to share a little of the a-ha's I've learned along the hope trail:
  • Hope:  the ideas and energy we have for the future.
  • Recognizing your own strengths and the strengths of others leads to increased sense of hope and engagement, which improves sense of well-being.
  • Hope costs nothing!
  • High hope people believe the future will be better than the present and they have the power to make it so.
  • Hopeful people have higher academic performance, higher workplace outcomes, and higher rating of happiness.  They longer!
  • Investing in the future pays off today.  Picturing yourself in a good place ahead gets you excited about the road ahead, you then start investing psychological resources in the future and this gets you practicing what your vision provides today.
  • The future draws you forward.  Where there is a way, there is a will.  
  • Try futurecasting:  preview the future.  Check out
  • Plan for if's:  borrow hope.
  • Practice setting action triggers: craft when and where.
  • Think about a goal you have - create the when and where plan.  Write write write!
"We must think and act not only for the moment but for our time."  
 - John F. Kennedy

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