Wednesday, January 29, 2014

strengths in social media

As you further your strengths development, it is wonderful to recognize how you hear and see strengths in others.  Whether those strengths are familiar to you (in your top 5) or you are learning about the other 29,
I found this great chalkboard via Pinterest
the awareness of a shining strength theme in other people demonstrates you are taking strengths to the next level.

One way I encourage people to do this is by really listening to others.  Listening for words and phrases in conversations, particularly those that are passionate and intense.  I believe you see strengths rise to the top when a person is in "the zone" and feeling engaged and at their best.

I've found a great way to practice this via social media!  If you utilize Pinterest or Facebook, you might find these exercises fun:

As quotes are displayed in graphics (whether famous authors or inventors, or something via Tumblr), I find it fun to look for the strengths in those words.  Positivity is an easy one to spot, as many motivational quotes remind us of the power of positive thinking.  Follow my strengths board here and see if you agree with my assessments, or send me a pin or graphic of your own and let me know the strengths you identify.  I also pin ideas for strengths activities and resources here.

Facebook or Twitter
One of my favorite coaching exercises is to ask a client to take a look at their Facebook feed over the course of a day or two and choose 5-10 of their friends' status updates to ponder the strengths speaking in the person's words, photo, or link.  Regardless of whether we know this person's strengths, it is always helpful to consider what excites them, makes them happy, honors them.

The more we learn about, apply, and develop our own strengths, the more likely we are to hear, see, and recognize strengths in others.  I believe the world is a better place when we focus through the lens of seeing people for their best self.

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