Monday, October 26, 2015

Pinterest Board

As many of you know, an input mind can often operate like the social media website Pinterest.  I often describe the Input talent I lead with best by sharing:  I asked for a filing cabinet for Christmas at 8 years old.  Even then, I was collecting my favorite hairstyles, articles, dream home photos, clothing combinations and recipes, ripping them out of magazines and storing them in file folders.  I love to collect information!

Pinterest has been a great way to honor that and I have put together a board dedicated to strengths.  Quotes and images I find, I pin and add a strength I think I see or hear in the image.

Consider your own board on Pinterest, a bulletin board at work or home, or a crafting activity with your mentee finding images and the strengths they relate to.

Take a look and please comment on strengths you see as well:
Allyson's Pinterest Strengths Board

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