Monday, February 8, 2016

Word of the Week

At a recent training session, I was sporting my new bracelet - a gift from my mentor Gigi honoring my intended word of the year.  Traci happened to notice, and asked me about the significance of my bracelet.  As I explained I establish an annual word each January in lieu of resolutions, Traci shared this year, she and her coworkers have been focusing on a word each week.  The word is chosen, and they find quotes and images around the word, creating thought and energy discussing what it may mean to each person.  This staff isn't just limiting their conversations to their office, one of them - an awesome TeamMates mentor - is also sharing with her mentee:

I always share our department word of the week with my mentee, we talk about what it means and give some examples.  Then when we meet the next week we try to share ways we used the word and things we observed or maybe I should say how we "lived" the word.  

The first week the word was compassion.  So we talked about what compassion meant and how people show compassion.  Then the next time we met we talked about ways we had showed somebody compassion or if we observed how somebody else was compassionate.  I think it has been good for both of us.

Many of you are receiving Coach Osborne's Impact of a Mentor weekly emails.  Those short inspirations focus on a word as well.  

What a great way to start a conversation. Please share how it works for you!

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