Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ideation: Thinking Outside the Box

People exceptionally talented in the Ideation theme are fascinated by ideas. They are able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.
Clifton StrengthsFinder

People with high Ideation are what the world might naturally describe as “creative.” These individuals have a knack for coming up with fresh, new, and original ideas. These ideas often come from being able to see situations from a new perspective and connect the dots. They thrive in brain storming sessions and are often a valuable part of a team that is “stuck in a rut.” They receive a lot of energy and excitement when they are in a space which allows the free flow of ideas from their brain. They are often described as people who “think outside the box,” being forerunners and innovators that come up with brand new routes that haven’t been taken before. Although Ideation manifests in situational settings, it may also manifest in an individual’s life through their love of art, music, or writing.  

Those with high Ideation are idea generators, but these ideas often do not have value associated with them, meaning one idea isn’t judged as better than another. Rather, their ideas are often given in bulk. Sometimes the individual may have other themes that “sort” these ideas, like Maximizer, Strategic, or Restorative, which naturally work in tandem with their ideas to decide which is the best for the given situation. On the other hand, some individuals may need great thinking partners who can help them sort through their ideas with them, in order to discern which option is best. Pure Ideation itself does not necessarily give value to the ideas, so theme dynamics [another theme in the individual] and/or complimentary partnerships [another person with differing themes] are necessary for implementation.   

15.9% of our mentees and 8.1% of our mentors have Ideation in their Top 5 talent themes. If you or your mentee has Ideation in your Top 5, honor that strength by allowing your mentoring time to be a place in each other’s lives where your ideas can flow. Think outside the box about new activity ideas you can do together. During this brainstorm, write down all your ideas. Then talk through each one and decide if it’s possible to do. Then, consider charting a timeline and deciding when it would be best to do each activity. By giving space for Ideation to flow freely, even during your mentoring time, you will be growing and honor the strengths of your mentee.


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