Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Context: All the Information, Please

People exceptionally talented in the Context theme enjoy thinking about the past. They understand the present by researching its history.
Clifton StrengthsFinder

People high in Context value the past because they believe the past contains the answers to the present. To make sense of the world around them, people high in this theme must understand what has come before. It is essential to see the blueprints because blueprints show the original intention and purpose. Seeing this helps those with Context orient themselves to the given situation. People high in Context are natural drawn to history. The period and subject of history is different for everyone, but learning and understanding history is thrilling, because they can easily connect the past to the present. In addition, people high in Context often have a very good memory; their brains instinctively catalog and retain everything they experience.

People with Context like all the background information before making a decision, needing to see the whole picture before moving forward. In this way, others may become impatient with these individuals as they take this necessary time to orient themselves. In the same sense, those with Context need a bit of time in a new situation. They may arrive early to a new destination, do research on a new subject, or ask around about a new person. Having all the information gives a greater sense of ease to those with Context.

In TeamMates, 12.0% of our mentees and 17.6% of our mentors have Context in their Top 5 themes. In a new relationship, especially with someone they have never met before, people with Context often need time to adjust and find their footing. In this way, as a mentor, do not be discouraged if it seems like your mentee is not opening up to you or remains aloof. These mentees will naturally be cataloging your conversations, the times you showed up and the times you didn’t, characteristics and traits about you, along with so much more. Therefore, stay committed. Honor this talent by asking reflection questions to your mentees. Use phrases like, “tell me about a time…” to help draw out memories your mentee has. Ask them what their favorite historical time is and spend your time together reading and learning about that time. Consider sharing bits and pieces about your own life’s journey; by sharing more about yourself, you will be giving your mentee greater understanding, leading into deepening of relationship. By being patient, allowing space for reflection, and giving your mentee all the information, you will be honoring and developing their Context theme.  


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