Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Strengths Explorer: Confidence

If your mentee leads with the strength of Confidence, you may notice a sense of self-assurance that can be described like this:

You believe in yourself and what you can do. This helps you take on challenges because you feel sure you can succeed. Because you are confident, you are able to do things that others may not want to try. Knowing that you are a unique and special person in the world gives you the power to be who you are. You don’t have to be like everybody else, and you don’t have to follow the crowd. Even when you don’t feel it, other people may see you as brave because you will speak up even if no one else will. You are sure enough of your opinions that you will take a stand for them. It is great to believe in what you can do because this belief helps you do more in your life.

Students who naturally possess confidence tend to have a sense of certainty in their choices and decisions, as well as a strong understanding of self.  I believe that self-awareness is tremendously underrated, and that goes for self-assurance as well – believing in and trusting yourself is a gift!  Students with this strength tend to be willing to share that strong belief in possibilities with others, as well as their opinion, even if it differs from the crowd.

A former mentee shared sometimes this strength could be seen as being tough or strong-willed.  She described it as her way of just knowing the way to go or the way to do things, “I just know how to do it the right way.”  I admit I have a bit of strengths envy for this powerful certainty in herself and the path ahead.  This theme shines light on the value of knowing, and being proud of, your unique awesome self, just as Jessica does in this video:


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