Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Strengths Explorer: Dependability

You can count on me!

If your mentee or a young person you know leads with the strength of dependability, they may describe the joy in being counted on like this:

Trust is important to you, and you care about being seen as responsible and trustworthy. People count on you to do what you say you will do. When you make a promise, you mean to keep it. You like being chosen to be in charge of getting something done because you know it means others see you as dependable and trustworthy. Sometimes, being asked to do more is like getting a reward because it means people believe in you. Maybe you have special chores or responsibilities at home or at school. Whatever job you are given, you want to get it done. Some people might say you act older than other kids your age because you are so responsible. You can be a good example to other people. Earning the praise of teachers and parents for getting things done and doing what is right feels good to you. People count on you to do what you say you will do.

Dependability seems a lot like the StrengthsQuest themes of Responsibility and Relator in my mind. When we can strengths spot this gift in a young person and highlight the ways that they can be counted on, this talent is likely going to bloom into a strength they can use throughout their life.

My son Shaun had dependability in his StrengthsExplorer top three themes. As parents, we have relied on this strength as he helps out siblings, neighbors, and friends. When asked to complete a task for school or a team or organization, Shaun takes that request seriously and does not like to let others down. He has grown into the mature version of this strength in the way that he manages his studies, college planning, extra-curricular activities and work schedule.

I’ve been able to witness this strength in action when it comes to his role as a brother.  Even his older sister knows that she can count on him to be there, to keep his promises, and to enjoy being known as a person who can be trusted.

This week, look for this strength in your neighborhood and thank the young person who is helping take care of their family, their friends, their pets, their community.

I always think of this strength when I hear this song by Bruno Mars.  Give it a listen!


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